This is our smoke eliminator candle called Smoke & Mirrors. It smells exactly like the "juicy" and "fruity" gum we had as children.


The fragrance oil used in the product is infused with natural essential oils, including orange, grapefruit and cinnamon.


Note Profile:

Top: Citrus, Spice

Middle: Fruit

Base: Cedar, Cinnamon


*Not phthalate free

Smoke & Mirrors

  • Fragrance: Juicy Chewing Gum


    Travel Size: 160g

    Medium: 320g

    Large: 720g


    Soy Candle


    One may notice that there may be some slightly lighter colored wax through the container, this is called frosting and is normal of soy candles usually in the colder temperatures. After burning one may also notice that the wax may be bumpy after turning solid, this is also normal and does not affect the candle negatively in any way.

    Candle color may slightly vary because we make our candles in small batches.

    Not phthalate free. This section will be updated once the fragrance is phthalate free.