Craft Shows & What I Learned So Far

If you read my last blog post, you'll know that my first craft fair did not turn out so well. However, things changed in the following craft show. This was located in a church about 15 minutes away from my house. What was so different about this show was that the church had already done these shows before. They provided the table and the chairs and already labeled the area where I was stationed. It took a lot of guess work out of it.

There are cons to having your spot already labeled because you don't get to choose where to go. You may end up being hidden and that can affect your income for that day. One woman near me was selling jewelry and didn't end up selling a thing because she was so hidden. I was lucky I was in a visible place and ended up making a profit for that day. People were even coming to me to buy some products when I was packing to go home, which made me very happy.

However, most of the craft shows I did afterwards was not profitable and I learned that just because I am invited to do a show, it doesn't mean I should do it. After the church show, I found a vendor fair at a day care down the road. It was going to be their first show. I had made a profit the first two shows but after that, even with the event organizer advertising for ample amount of time, people were still not showing up.

Dealing with candles, it's very heavy and bulky. When you do a show you want to make sure that you are making a profit and coming home with less candles. Sometimes, you have to take into the account of the place that it will be. If it is in a school then there will probably be more parents and kids, so people who do toys or things that attract kids are probably going to do better.

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